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Bigloo Scheme Wiki


This is a public wiki: login with the password 'bigloo10' to begin editing it.


Bigloo is a Scheme native-code compiler. It compiles Scheme code down to C, JVM bytecode or .NET bytecode. It includes type annotations, a unique object-oriented system based on CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System, and runtime performance is very close to C.


Bigloo 3.0c has been released. Download it.



Places to go:


Bigloo Libraries:

  • Bigloo-lib - Adds interfaces to GTK, the expat XML parser, and support for PostgreSQL and MySQL, HTTP/CGI modules
  • Finalize - Allows functions to be executed before an object is garbage-collected
  • SI Units - International Units enforcement...keeps track of physical units being used and converts when necessary.


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